Wow classic how to get earthstrike

Earthstrike is a very popular trinket in World of Warcraft Classic. Very useful, because of the great burst potential of the huge attack power statistic increase. You can improve your performance in player versus player part of the game significantly, and even you can find its place in your PvE gear. To obtain this item, you must complete a series of quests, which start from the Silithus zone.

You must also have an exalted reputation with Cenarion Circle in order to start the quest chain for this powerful trinket. Collection of Badges and Marks is a part of these quests.

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wow classic how to get earthstrike

Cenarion Circle. Mark of Cenarius. Full Quest. Appear Offline. Faction Alliance Horde. Platform PC. Account Password. Character Name. Discount code:. Apply Discount Code. I agree to the Terms and Conditions. Discount not found! Change Order. Place Order. Earthstrike Trinket in your bags. Every other item won in the process remains for you. The boost can take some time. No programs or bots are involved in our services, only work by professional boosters.Looking for the phase 5 bis list?

Jump straight to it here. Psst… I made a video guide which covers everything here and explains the gear choices and set choices in more detail:. A lot of people are already preparing for Phase 5. Back in Phase 1 and 2 a lot of rogues discovered the amazing power of our blue dungeon set, known as the Shadowcraft set. Shadowcraft was powerful for 1 simple reason, it had an overpowered 6 piece bonus proc effect.

The Shadowcraft 6 piece proc is so good that it takes almost a full set of tier 1 Nightslayer gear to beat it in average dps gained. Darkmantle is Shadowcraft upgraded. Wait Sno, why do I want all 8 pieces? Unfortunately, the Darkmantle pieces are given in a series of quests that need to be done in order. Darkmantle is quested in this order:.

The best pieces of Darkmantle come towards the end, particularly the helmet and the chest. I ran spreadsheet sims to compare all the main gear combinations for p4 bis vs Darkmantle vs p5 tier 2.

You will roughly see a ish dps increase as daggers and a ish dps increase as swords going from p4 to p5 darkmantle set. I also added in some sims as alliance human same sim settings to check if the 3 piece Bloodfang poison bonus changed any results. I list the dps losses per piece of Darkmantle so you can pick and choose yourself if you want to sub in different pieces.

You should also swap in the new Earthstrike trinket from Cenarian Hold exalted reputation as your new 1st choice active dps trinket. This applies to both horde and alliance. The only major differences between the sims is alliance suffer bigger dps losses if they lose their 3 piece Bloodfang poison proc bonus.

Use either mixed darkmantle 4 piece set with tier 2. Both options sim within dps of each other depending on weapons. Full tier 2. Even if you are aiming for full tier 2. Keep in mind active trinkets will perform better in short fights as always. If you choose to use Darkmantle set then the best performing 4 piece is bracers, gloves, tunic, cap.

Close Menu Latest Guides. Rogue Basics. Raid Guides. Phase 5. Phase 4. Rogue Razorgore 1. Phase 6. Rogue Darkmantle Tier 0. Weapon DPS Cheatsheets. Gold Farms. Latest Guides. Psst… I made a video guide which covers everything here and explains the gear choices and set choices in more detail: A lot of people are already preparing for Phase 5.

What is Darkmantle tier 0. How do I get Darkmantle? Dagger rogues transitioning from P4 to P5 gear:.Help support Classic roguecraft: Want more guides? I add an extra rogue video guide for my twitch subscribers once per week! Subscribe at twitch. Earthstrike is here! Now rogues have access to 2 strong active trinkets before counting raid drops such as Jom Gabbar or Badge of the Swarmguard.

Since you have to use one trinket, wait for the cooldown, then use a second trinket active, the fight obviously needs to be long enough to actually get usage out of both trinkets. If one of the trinkets is the Renataki trinket, then you can use Renataki first and it will only triggers a 10 second shared cooldown. For example — on Sartura you could use Renataki during the early cleave on adds to get more cleave damage in, then use Earthstrike afterwards with your Adrenaline rush.

Or dagger rogues who have tight early rotations can use Renataki to get their rotation smoothed out early, then have Earthstrike ready to go to use with dps cooldowns. This will be the typical way you want to use your active trinkets if you have a DFT. There are exceptions of course, for example on the Sartura fight, a double active setup using Renataki could potentially out perform a DFT combo because the extra energy during the cleave scales better there.

Or on Twin Emps for another example, active trinkets perform well there because you spend time running between bosses and not attacking while the active trinket is on cooldown.

This will change depending on the 2 trinkets you use of course. Close Menu Latest Guides. Rogue Basics. Raid Guides. Phase 5.

Phase 4. Rogue Razorgore 1. Phase 6. Rogue Darkmantle Tier 0. Weapon DPS Cheatsheets. Gold Farms.Forums What's new Search forums Tournaments. Media New media New comments Search media. Streams Multi-Viewer Games.

Rogue Darkmantle (Tier 0.5) & P5 BiS Gear Guide

Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. What's new. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Memphis Start date 24th Jul Memphis Core Raid Member. Hi guys, As warriors you are welcome as well rogues and hunter we will want to get our hands on Earthstrike which is awesome on use trinket that grants a whopping AP for 20 secs.

It also only has a 2 min CD which lines up perfectly with Deathwish and so short you can use it on trash as well. In this thread we will be talking about the Field Duty quests that grants the badges you need.

Start off by watching this walk through by Sarthe where he covers most things. Ghato Core Raid Member. Joined 18th Dec Messages Class Rogue.

wow classic how to get earthstrike

I just sold half of the mats on AH today becouse it was spamming my mailbox Im always up for that kind of things, let me know what you want me to do and wll sort it out. Repike Core Raid Member. Memphis said:. Repike said:. Prawni Core Raid Member. Redh Guild Leader. Joined 13th Mar Messages 10, Class Paladin. Prawni said:. Xeno Core Raid Member. I can craft the moonsteel broadsword - i dont have the boots plans though, it'd be worth asking Redh Edit: Damnit, he beat me by about a second!

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wow classic how to get earthstrike

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wow classic how to get earthstrike

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How to Get EARTHSTRIKE DAY 1!! New BiS Trinket Guide!

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