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Studios are demanding 4K and RAW image data to archive and future-proof the negative. Cinematic productions are in the process of transitioning from 2K to 4K uncompressed in size with camera manufacturers such as ARRI, offering up to 6.

Except that with Codex HDE, you can access the original pixel values that were encoded. What is High Density Encoding? It is an encoding technique that is optimised for Bayer pattern images. HDE encoding is completely lossless - when an HDE file is decoded, it is a bit-for-bit perfect match to the original file.

What resolutions does HDE support? What is the data rate of HDE? When stored as HDE, this becomes 6. What is the performance of HDE?

codex manager

The encoding happens when files are copied from a Compact Drive or Capture Drive. What file format is used for HDE? The image essence is encoded, but the file header is otherwise identical. Is the. If not, how is it different? Is anything lost in the HDE conversion? Nothing is lost during the HDE conversion. It is the same file, simply encoded. You can generate an md5 checksum from a. ARX, then decode back to. No, it is quite different. Why would I use. ARX files? Using HDE will give a.

ARI file. This corresponds to drastic time and cost savings all the way through post production.Explore three new worlds from Greek mythology: […]. The horns sound, the ravens gather. An empire is torn by civil war. Beyond its borders, new kingdoms rise.

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codex manager

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codex manager

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Files can be copied using your preferred data management application. Integrates seamlessly with the macOS desktop environment. What features does Device Manager provide? Device Manager provides control of your Codex Dock and Media, and allows you to copy files.


It presents the contents of Codex media on the Desktop - from here files can be copied with your preferred data management application. No licence is required to use Device Manager.

What Mac operating systems is Device Manager compatible with? This will work with Capture Drive and Transfer Drive. NVMe is a modern flash technology used in Compact Drives which gives unparalleled write and read speeds, and requires up-to-date macOS versions that support this type of memory. Device Manager 5. What copy applications is Device Manager compatible with? No - currently Device Manager can only be used on Mac. No, Codex Thunderbolt Docks will not work on non-Apple hardware.

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The Thunderbolt system architecture and the way Codex devices interface with it is not replicated on non-Apple hardware. If you are simply wanting to load Codex media and copy files using another application, you only need to have Device Manager installed. If you want to continue using features in Production Suite you will need to separately install the 'Classic UI' package, which includes Vault Platform and Vault Review.

A licence is required to use Production Suite on macOS. A 'Dock is not connected for maximum speed' notification is shown - what should I do? This message indicates that the Thunderbolt connection to the Dock is not at the highest possible speed. The Thunderbolt connection speed is governed by: - the host port on the computer. Note that there are two types of Thunderbolt 3 cable - Passive and Active. Passive cables up to 0.

Active cables can operate at 40 Gbps over longer distances. This site uses cookies. Learn More.In the Marker manager frame you can manage all markers.


Any changes will affect to all features with markers Marker pickerClusteringPopulation tableTable viewBox plot. You can sort markers by any column by clicking on the corresponding table header. It will cause marker order changes in all CodexMAV features that support marker sorting.

Note: Changing marker order in the Manager will not affect the marker dendrogram order. Also you can click on the 'Default sort' button and return markers sorting to the default. If you click on any marker name then you can change it. You can't set duplicate and empty marker names. After setting new name all features with markers will be update with it. User Instructions.

codex manager

Microscope Specific Settings. Technical Notes. Preparing for Installation. Multiplex Analysis Viewer. Quick Start. Open Experiment. Main Menu. Overlay Manager. Marker Picker. Region Image. History Panel. Population Table. Marker Manager. Voronoi Diagram. Other Analysis Operations. Workflow Documents.

Quick Protocol Reference. Public Datasets.

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